Maya manipulators & timeline

3D interactive animated training simulation tutorial inside Autodesk Maya.

This Maya binary file uses an expression triggered at various frames in the timeline to simulate the modeling process.

What I'm attempting to show here is a new way to do some kinds of training in Maya. I'm demonstrating the technology rather than the instructional validity of the tutorial itself.

Some of the advantages over providing tutorials in video format are:

'boat' Maya 4.5 .mb file 54K. Download .mb

To run:
Download and open the file in Maya. You will NEED to open the expression editor Window->Animation Editors->Expression Editor... and close the expression editor window without making any changes. Yes that is without making any changes.

Rewind. Press play. Wait for viewport update. Press play. Repeat

As an enhancement it would be possible to provide a Maya project with audio in time line for narration.

NOTE There are issues with Maya's threading system that I have not been able to work around that make this system unrealiable. If you have problems I suggest you quite all applications so that no use of virtual memory is required. Close and reopening Maya or restart computer may help. Keep trying and you should get it to work even if it doesn't work the first time.